German weapons of CombatBrick review.

I’ve received a great package from CombatBrick (  with some of his nicely designed weapons for the german army of world War II. Thank you very much!
This package includes the next wonderful weapons: Gewehr 43 semi-automatic rifle, MP40 submachine gun, FG42 Light Machine Gun and the Walther P38 pistol.

BrickArmy weapons

CombatBrick weapons

All four weapons are masterfully designed, with many incredible details. More over, the most interesting thing is the fact that some of these designs are based of models very uncommon or unknown for most of the people.

The first weapon to analyze is the Gewehr 43, a semi-automatic rifle, the equivalent of the M1 garand in the Wehrmacht. It comes with a visor sight, that can be modded to get a standard Gewehr 43, it is a very welcomed detail for modders. When you get a close up to the gun you can see many details, such as the gun sights or the slightly sloped magazine. The chamber handle is located in the correct side, and the overall design is beautiful. This is a perfect gun to be included in elite units or snipers teams.

Gewehr 43 of BrickArmy

Gewehr 43 of CombatBrick

Let’s see the MP40. This a very well known weapon, an iconic symbol of the Werhmacht. The weapon is designed with some incredible details like the stamped marks of the magazine and the receiver. The muzzle design with the sight is awesome. This is the perfect choice to equip your NCOs or panzer crews.

MP40 of BrickArmy

MP40 of CombatBrick

The Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG 42) is a nicely worked replica of the FG 42 Ausfhürung II. A light and compact machine gun designed to be used by german paratroopers. The weapon comes with a visor sight, and it is easily recognizable by its straight grip and the side receiver for the magazine. There are many beautiful details, like the hand guard and the muzzle design. The perfect weapon for your paratroopers and Branderburger Kommandos.

Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG 42) of BrickArmy

Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG 42) of CombatBrick

The last item, the most amazing in my opinion, is the Walther P38, the official pistol of the Heer (German army branch of the Wehrmacht). The pistol has many, many details. Although it is a very small sized gun, a perfect muzzle and a sight can be seen in the end of the gun barrel. The trigger and the trigger guard are very well done, and the stamp marks can be seen in both sides of the slide. The perfect details of the hammer is just an example of how well designed the pistol is. The perfect choice for your Wehrmacht officers.

Walther P38 of BrickArmy

Walther P38 of CombatBrick

The work of CombatBrick ( in these guns is incredible. They will fit perfectly with your LEGO minifigs and will add a high degree of personalización to your own Wehrmacht troops.

Panzergrenadiers with BrickArmy's weapons

Panzergrenadiers with CombatBrick’s weapons


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