BcP Juegos BRICKARMS Contest

La revista HispaBrick Magazine anuncia un concurso sponsorizado por BcP Juegos y Brickarms.

BcP Juegos BRICKARMS Contest

BcP Juegos BRICKARMS Contest

BcP Juegos, along with HispaBrick Magazine®, give you a chance to win some fabulous minifig accessories from BrickArms showing your talent in a contest. You can participate in either of two categories (or both if you want).

The general rules are:

– Only BrickArms or LEGO accessories allowed. At least one Brickarms weapon replica.
– Stickers are allowed
– Deadline 23/03/2013 at 0 h CET (Central European Time)
– So many entries as you like but only one prize per user
– Participating in the contest you give your consent to publish the photos in the next issue of Hispabrick Magazine (always citing the author of the picture). Therefore quality of the photographs will give you more chances.
– Creations not previously shown

Minifig contest:
– A minifig with accessories, on a base of 6×6 studs maximum.

Display contest:
– Maximum 16×16 studs. No height limit.

1st.- Mystery Pack + 15 replicas to choose from our BrickArms catalog
2nd.- Mystery Pack
1st. Mystery Pack + Modern Combat Pack
2nd.- Mystery Pack

Entries to the contest can be posted at:
or sent to:


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